Get Questions

Send a GET request to /api/questions to receive a random array of questions. Available query parameters are outlined in the form below.

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API query values

Primary category of each question (1 per question)

easy, medium or hard

Number of questions to return

Subcategories for this question, e.g. 'capital_cities', 'europe'

Secondary categories. These are more specific than categories and each question can have multiple.

Set to the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code for your country of choice. Doing this is recommended and will ensure that you don't receive questions that are unsuitable for the region you choose.

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    "category": "Geography",
    "id": "6233883c0161109f922aac74",
    "correctAnswer": "Asia",
    "incorrectAnswers": [
      "North America",
    "question": "Which is the Earth's largest continent?",
    "tags": [
    "type": "Multiple Choice",
    "difficulty": "easy",
    "regions": []
    "category": "History",
    "id": "622a1c367cc59eab6f95033f",
    "correctAnswer": "Harold Wilson",
    "incorrectAnswers": [
      "Clement Atlee",
      "Anthony Eden",
      "Margaret Thatcher"
    "question": "Who Was The British Prime Minister Between 1964 & 1969?",
    "tags": [
    "type": "Multiple Choice",
    "difficulty": "hard",
    "regions": []
    "category": "Film & TV",
    "id": "622a1c377cc59eab6f9505f8",
    "correctAnswer": "Richard Burton",
    "incorrectAnswers": [
      "Aaron Paul",
      "Mark Hamill",
      "Alan Cumming"
    "question": "Which actor has featued in films including Cleopatra and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf??",
    "tags": [
    "type": "Multiple Choice",
    "difficulty": "hard",
    "regions": []
    "category": "Film & TV",
    "id": "622a1c377cc59eab6f9506b9",
    "correctAnswer": "Kristin Scott Thomas",
    "incorrectAnswers": [
      "Glenn Close",
      "Reese Witherspoon",
      "Melissa Leo"
    "question": "Which actor has featued in films including The English Patient and Gosford Park?",
    "tags": [
    "type": "Multiple Choice",
    "difficulty": "hard",
    "regions": []
    "category": "Food & Drink",
    "id": "624c613abadf21197f98f76d",
    "correctAnswer": "Thailand",
    "incorrectAnswers": [
      "The Middle East"
    "question": "Pad Thai is a dish that is most associated with which part of the world?",
    "tags": [
    "type": "Multiple Choice",
    "difficulty": "medium",
    "regions": []
    "category": "Geography",
    "id": "623741c8cb85f7ce9e949d89",
    "correctAnswer": "Oman",
    "incorrectAnswers": [
      "Cabo Verde",
    "question": "Muscat is the capital city of which country?",
    "tags": [
    "type": "Multiple Choice",
    "difficulty": "hard",
    "regions": []
    "category": "Music",
    "id": "622a1c397cc59eab6f950c24",
    "correctAnswer": "The Who",
    "incorrectAnswers": [
      "Deep Purple",
      "Spandau Ballet"
    "question": "Which English rock band released the studio album 'Who's Next'?",
    "tags": [
    "type": "Multiple Choice",
    "difficulty": "hard",
    "regions": []
    "category": "General Knowledge",
    "id": "622a1c367cc59eab6f95031a",
    "correctAnswer": "Robert Burns",
    "incorrectAnswers": [
      "JM Barrie",
      "Robert Louis Stevenson",
      "James Hogg"
    "question": "Who wrote Auld Lange Syne?",
    "tags": [
    "type": "Multiple Choice",
    "difficulty": "medium",
    "regions": []
    "category": "Film & TV",
    "id": "622a1c367cc59eab6f9503c8",
    "correctAnswer": "Mrs Robinson",
    "incorrectAnswers": [
      "Mrs Bouvier",
      "Mrs Church",
      "Mrs Sleet"
    "question": "What Was The Name Of The Character Played By Anne Bancroft In The 1967 Film 'The Graduate'?",
    "tags": [
    "type": "Multiple Choice",
    "difficulty": "medium",
    "regions": []
    "category": "Film & TV",
    "id": "622a1c347cc59eab6f94fb29",
    "correctAnswer": "Green Book",
    "incorrectAnswers": [
      "Black Panther",
      "Bohemian Rhapsody"
    "question": "Which film won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 2018?",
    "tags": [
    "type": "Multiple Choice",
    "difficulty": "hard",
    "regions": []

Get Categories

Send a GET request to /api/categories to receive information on the categories of question available to request. The keys of the returned object are the labels for each category, and the values can be sent in the comma-separated categories query parameter when getting questions.

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  "Arts & Literature": [
  "Film & TV": [
  "Food & Drink": [
  "General Knowledge": [
  "Geography": [
  "History": [
  "Music": [
  "Science": [
  "Society & Culture": [
  "Sport & Leisure": [

Get Metadata

Send a GET request to /api/metadata to receive information on the number of questions in the database and the distribution of questions across categories.

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  "byCategory": {
    "General Knowledge": 231,
    "Society & Culture": 343,
    "History": 477,
    "Sport & Leisure": 509,
    "Geography": 1269,
    "Music": 1119,
    "Film & TV": 1271,
    "Science": 960,
    "Food & Drink": 484,
    "Arts & Literature": 858
  "byState": {
    "rejected": 3511,
    "approved": 7521,
    "pending": 5024
  "byDifficulty": {
    "hard": 4239,
    "null": 117,
    "easy": 608,
    "medium": 2557
  "lastCreated": "2022-04-19T11:42:20.471+00:00",
  "lastReviewed": "2022-04-19T20:57:47.644+00:00"

Get Tags

Send a GET request to /api/tags to receive information on the set of all tags that have been added to questions. Each tag can be passed as a value to the tags queryParameter of the getQuestions endpoint, e.g. /api/questions?tags=mountains,medicine

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